Cooking with Kids: Summer Picnics Continue

It’s been a while since I posted about cooking with kids. The girls help around the kitchen every now and then and have become especially good at making their own breakfast parfaits. They also love to help me bake cookies and brownies.
To spice things up a bit, we recently tried making cold noodle salad and Vietnamese sandwiches. The idea was to make something easy and portable that we would eventually eat outside in the backyard. After a quick trip to the grocery store, we were ready to give it a go!

Oriental Noodle Salad

First, I boiled the soba noodles and laid out rest of the ingredients for the girls to assemble. I guided them with the proportions and they were ready to take the lead and get started.

While the noodle salad was cooling in the refrigerator, we got started with the sandwiches. My girls love banh mi sandwiches and often drag me to their favorite hole in the wall sandwich place in Boston. (It’s one of those places I go all the time but don’t even know the name!). The girls started chopping the veggies while I cooked the chicken. We accidentally used up all of our cilantro in the noodle salad, so I substituted arugula for greens and shredded cabbage for lettuce. The assembly was easy and the girls were excited to put the sandwiches together!

The girls had already set up the picnic blanket in the backyard. They happily ran back and forth and helped me bring all the stuff outside. It may look elaborate to some, but it took us less than ten minutes to set everything up. We then settled in to enjoy the delicious meal we had made together.

Being a part of the process from start to finish helped create a special connection with the meal that the girls truly enjoyed. They may not have been as eager to eat if I had just made it myself and offered it at the dinner table. It was a special treat to cook together, the food was delicious, and overall I was pleasantly surprised at the girls’ level of excitement and involvement.  


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