My thoughts on adopting the “good-enough” mindset

It’s been a very eventful past month! Lots of family adventures and soaking up summer fun with my girls. As we entered the month of August, back-to-school mode began to set in. My work and social calendar for fall are quickly starting to fill up and it’s clear summer is on its way out. I feel like I need to reset my mental compass!

As I sat down to plan out the upcoming months, I realized the massive amount of backlog I have waiting to be tackled. Uploading two years worth of photography work online (to reap the benefits of marketing and SEO), for starters. The point is how did I even let that much work accumulate? Procrastination while falsely striving for ‘aesthetic’ perfection -- uploading the finest images, writing that perfect blog post, making that killer portfolio and having unreasonably high standards of excellence is nothing but detrimental to productivity and in turn, progress.

I’ve become accustomed to juggling the kids’ schedule and tending to the absolute necessary to-dos (starting from client communication to delivering the final product). Showcasing my work and featuring it online has taken a back seat. I always wait for that ‘down day’ to devote to sharing my professional work online and honestly, that day will never arrive. Anyone else familiar with that feeling?

I do not believe one has to compromise their quality of work, especially being in a visually-driven creative field. However, I’ve found efficiency trumps everything else. I’m learning to accept a “good-enough” attitude in order to get chic done! It’s a tedious process, but trusting my work and sharing it without expecting perfection will reap better results.

Two years worth of joyful photography (giggling kiddos, gorgeous products and happy couples) deserve to be showcased, to just be put out there. Viewers’ perception of perfection is beyond us anyways, right?

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