breakfast experiment: Fig Pistachio Bostock

Ever since I created this breakfast on board, the girls have been asking me to ‘surprise’ them with another one! Getting out the door on time is challenging enough on school mornings, let alone being able to put any thought into creating a breakfast board. I mean, I basically need a nap after packing lunches and two snacks each! One day though, I will try to muster up the courage to share some lunch recipes. If you have any go-to suggestions for school lunches, please email them to me (thirdeyechicstudio@gmail.com) I’m not kidding.

Anyway, back to breakfast. I did manage to try this Fig Pistachio Bostock recipe one morning this week. I ran out of sliced almonds so I ended up using slivered almonds instead. I also substituted fig jam with orange marmalade since that’s what was readily available at home.

My oldest appreciated the variety but wasn’t super thrilled and my youngest only had one bite! The verdict was “it’s too sweet.” It was a fun experiment nonetheless. Next time, I would add a very thin layer of jam or marmalade and skip sugar all together from the pistachio cream recipe. I thought it was way too much sugar to begin with but didn’t want to fully deviate from the recipe since I was trying it for the first time. 

Luckily, I had also made a kale, avocado, banana and berry smoothie. The smoothie and classic toast saved the morning!

As far as the breakfast board is concerned, “Make one over the weekend mommy, when you have more time.” Aye aye, girls. Soon enough! Little do they know that matcha french toast is about to be served for breakfast later this week mwahahahaha…

(No one in the family but me is excited to try the matcha french toast recipe but I’m still going to go ahead with it because why not.)

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