5 personal strategies to practice self-preservation

Let’s talk about self-preservation. A lifetime ago, when I was a PR intern at CBS News in New York, I remember writing a press release about Daniel Day-Lewis. He has been known to take breaks in his acting career as a way to revive himself. His quote “…I think, in a way, it’s a sort of an act of self-preservation,” has stuck with me for years. 

Self-preservation means different things to different people. I use the term loosely here, and possibly even synonymous with self-care, although they are different. As a busy mom, business owner and creative, my form of self-preservation may differ from yours. 

“Self-preservation is one of the most important gifts we can give to ourselves. By knowing our limits, honoring our needs and desires, and taking the time to heal and repair, we are able to give ourselves more spark to radiate our internal light.” -  Marisa DeMarco 

Most people don’t have the luxury of taking extended time off or even breaks some days. The idea of being constantly busy is something society has instilled in us as a positive thing. I’ll admit, I do have this mindset and I tend to overextend myself often. Even though I understand the importance of self-preservation, acting on it hasn’t been a priority. But I’m here now, ready to make some proactive changes before resulting in burnout. Better late than never, right?

Below, I’ve shared five ways I will commit to preserving myself so I can continue to be the best version of who I am.
  1. Learn to say NO
  2. Choose battles wisely (especially with the kiddos aka energy vampires)
  3. Take the time to do more ‘feel-good’ things! Movies, books, art, theater, etc.
  4. Accept help when offered and outsource some mundane tasks
  5. Adopt the “good-enough” mindset

I hope these pointers will help me “slow down” and use my energy efficiently to be able to “refuel.” After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

What are some of your self-preservation strategies? Would love to hear!

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