Wall Art Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Collecting artwork for kids’ rooms is so special. Surrounding your children with engaging yet playful art not only livens up a room but gives their minds a chance to wander.  I truly enjoy finding unique pieces that inspire storytelling and creative thinking. I usually steer clear of artwork that is too cutesy so the kids won’t outgrow the prints quickly. The pieces you choose can still be playful and full of color, but be selective that they’re not “too young” to make it worth your while.

Today, I selected five pieces to share with you! They may or may not belong together in a gallery wall, but any of them will provide a great starting point to create a collection with your kiddos.

These whimsical pieces are so full of life and energy! They remind me of traveling and books you get lost in. What type of art is your family drawn to?

1. Cranes
2. Jaipur


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