My 8 years of blogging journey

Photo Credit: Ma Chérie Studios

I can’t believe I started writing my blog in 2012 - a whopping 8 years ago, today! My older daughter Neve was 7-months-old when I wrote my first blog post. I remember that winter well. It’s still the mildest winter I have ever experienced in New England. There was practically no snow on the ground and the temperatures were consistently in the 50s and 60s, even during peak months. I have fond memories of my long walks in the city, pushing a stroller with a snug baby inside. 

I never really shopped online before the girls were born. I enjoyed the process of walking into a store and feeling and holding the clothes before I bought them. With the arrival of a new baby, and less leisure time on my hands, I gradually started exploring online shopping. I spent time reading street style blogs and discovering new brands while nursing Neve for hours. This opened a whole new door of possibilities and before I knew it, I wanted to start my own blog.

I was already dabbling in photography at this point, and I soon realized I needed to hone my photography skills in order to produce high quality pictures for the blog. I absolutely loved sharing fun things I found online and trendy people I came across in the city. So I enrolled in a photography school soon after, and despite school work (and eventually a photography business - who knew!) and baby #2 on the way, I still kept blogging.

What started as a simple fashion blog morphed into a children’s fashion blog and more recently, a lifestyle blog of things that inspire me, places that fascinate me, and foods that gratify me. 

I’ve blogged on and off over the past 8 years, all while juggling other demands in my life. After much deliberation of whether or not I should continue writing I’ve realized that I really enjoy blogging. I love discovering and sharing the unique. From fashion finds to cultural nourishment, I hope to inspire and connect with other like-minded parents in a simple, honest way.

This blog is my perfect reminder to spend more time enjoying meaningful activities and share snippets via photography. It satisfies me and sometimes when I lose my inner drive, I reread old posts to feel invigorated and re-centre.

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