Starting an art collection

Remember my post about beginning an art collection for kids? I shared my thoughts on gifting pieces of art or experiences for special days, rather than items with a short impression. Last year, I gave my older daughter Neve these beautiful 4x6 oils on canvas by Boston artist Sorin Bica for her birthday. This year, it was my younger daughter Ona’s turn to get her 6th birthday artwork from mommy. And this time around, I didn’t have to look too far. 

One of our oldest family friends Rashna Madon gifted Neve her very first piece of art about seven years ago when she was a newborn. On the back was a beautiful handwritten note: “ To little Neve - your first piece of original art - may you have many more. Love…” This was hands down the most thoughtful gift Neve received as a newborn. We have moved twice since then, and it always finds a prominent place in the girls’ room.

Neve's first piece of art from Rashna

A few years later, when Rashna’s work had a dedicated Facebook page, I started following it. I came across a captivating ink on paper she had posted sometime in July 2018, saved a picture of it on my desktop, and knew I didn’t have to look any further for what I wanted. 

I contacted Rashna to commission her to make a similar piece of art as the one I had saved for Ona’s birthday. Rashna was getting ready for an upcoming show at the time so we decided to wait until things were less busy. The show was in NJ in November 2018 and unfortunately I couldn’t physically be there but my dear aunt (and one of Rashna’s closest friends) was attending. My aunt was kind enough to help me ‘virtually’ pick out an artwork and, lo and behold, we found the original one I had loved. I bought it right away and received it recently once the show was over.

Isn’t it so lovely!? It’s 5 x 7 ink on paper. Ona loves the whimsical creatures and I especially love the tree (reminds me of India) and all the brilliant, intricate details. Her work is folksy, playful, and has a narrative. It depicts nature, animals, and the harmonious coexistence of living creatures in a given environment. It brings me peace and joy every time I look at it. 

Thank you so much Rashna! I’m so glad this work made it to its permanent home. We are absolutely loving it and enjoying it everyday! Follow Rashna on Facebook.

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