Preserving Childhood Memories with Paintings

9x12 oil on board by Jaya Perrier

Remember this post about my girls’ shared room from a while back? I love that the girls still share their room, two years later, at ages 7.5 and 6. It’s their little sanctuary where their personal story plays out -- they laugh in unison, bicker endlessly at times (ahem), and make a hundred goofy memories together.

I wanted to find a way to preserve these memories visually. While photographs are works of art, in this particular case, I had something more delicate and subtle in mind than an interior shot of the room. Something more evocative and captivating to tell their stories when they grow up and eventually have their own rooms (they are already talking about separate rooms but I secretly want them to keep sharing -- isn’t it more fun that way!?).

Inspired by this beautiful derivative watercolor by my childhood friend Jaya, I knew what I wanted. I approached Jaya to create a watercolor painting and sent the below photograph for reference. Jaya convinced me to go for an oil painting instead, and I completely trusted her creative judgement. And so, after going over a few details, the process began.

Interior Design: Barbara Vail

A few weeks ago on a random Thursday evening, I got a surprise message from Jaya with a picture of the final outcome. I was absolutely mesmerized to see the whole scene come alive in such a beautiful way! The vibrant colors, intricate details, and her impressionistic style added the much needed visceral punch, and transformed that little corner of the room into a work of art, quite literally.

It’s a gorgeous 9x12 oil on board on its way from Montreal to Boston as we speak. I cannot wait! It puts a smile on my face everytime I see it : ) I’m excited to frame it and preserve it forever, knowing one day my girls will appreciate it just the same.

Thank you so much Jaya for turning my vision into a reality with your stunning work! I absolutely love it! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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  2. Loved your painting. So beautiful and the great idea to preserve your memories. Thanks for sharing!

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