Travel with kids: Top 15 US Family Spring Break Destinations

These may not be your typical spring break destinations, but they are my top choices when it comes to family-style domestic travel. This list is a combination of places I’ve already visited (and would like to revisit with kids) and places I’d like to travel to some day. As you know, I’m no beach bum, but if I can guarantee a pool or some beach time to the girls, they’ll be happy to play along. What matters is that we are all together and having a good time, right?

Winter survival strategies definitely helped me get through the colder months, but now that spring is almost here, I’m craving warm weather and a change of scenery. 

We like to enjoy New England in the summer months because it has so much to offer, making spring the perfect time of year to travel instead. Plus, a few of the destinations below are way too hot in the summer anyways.  

There are so many interesting places to visit -- wasn’t easy capping it off at 15! Take a look and share which destinations are on your travel radar!

1. Santa Fe, NM - From city’s Pueblo-style architecture to delicious restaurants and art galleries, this city has so much culture to offer. My husband and I visited more than 10 years ago and I know my girls would appreciate it now that they’re older.
2. St. Augustine, FL - The nation’s oldest city with lots of charm. I’ve never been, but love to sometime soon.

3. Hilton Head, SC - A tranquil island with beautiful, sandy beaches and outdoor activities. We visited for the first time in 2012 when my oldest daughter was 10-months-old. This is a very relaxing & peaceful destination, which the girls would surely love because of the beaches.
4. Williamsburg/Assateague Island, VA - Colonial Williamsburg has been on my list for quite a long time. A little road trip combining Williamsburg with Assateague Island to check out wild horses and coastal bays would be so fun!
5. New Orleans, LA - All that jazz, beignets, and its cajun and creole cuisine. What’s not to love?
6. Nashville, TN - I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but the music scene and local culture are enticing.

7. Oahu, HI - Or any of the Hawaiian islands for that matter. I hear it’s beautiful, sunsets are bursting with color and there are tons of activities (hikes with amazing views, snorkeling, kayaking to name a few) to enjoy.
8. San Francisco, CA - I love SFO! A family road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway with stops along the way sounds like an ideal vacation.

9. Portland, OR - Who wouldn’t want to drink all that yummy coffee?
10. Sedona, AZ - Scenic and breathtakingly beautiful. It’s known for its hiking trails and nearby canyons. A change of pace but much needed adventure.

11. Palm Springs, CA - I’m still not over the magical energy of the desert and its midcentury modernism. I’d happily venture back any day.

12. Washington, DC - The heart of so much American history. Being able to share this experience with the family would be an insightful trip, especially with museum visits!

13. Yellowstone National Park - A road trip with astounding views rolling past the windows, immersing ourselves in nature. As important as it is to appreciate cities and their glory, nature will always offer its own captivating beauty.

14. Savannah, GA - Remember last year’s spring break trip to Charleston? Years ago, we only spent a few hours in Savannah but I’d love to go back and experience this picturesque city.
15. New York City - Last year, I made a list of 25 things to do with kids in NYC. We are not even halfway through that list yet and well, as the saying goes, New York is always a good idea!


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